29 April 2009

Risotto. Great to use the rests in your fridge.

Risotto was - just like many other famous Italian dishes - invented by poor people. The goal is to use the stuff you already have, like vegetable rests and leftovers. I very rarely shop for ingredients for risotto, so when I make one it is different every time. First of all, I search my fridge, pantry and freezer of things I can use and then I decide if I want to make a red or a white version, that is with tomatoes or without. Today, I found some chorizo and a rest of red wine, so that really screamed for a red risotto.

19 April 2009

Mayonnaise. The real thing.

Mayo. Who doesn't love it? The best flavor enhancer I can think of - deviled eggs, ham, salad, fondue, sandwiches, cooked vegetables all taste much better with a glob of the white stuff.